Independence Missouri Improves Security and Visibility with Philips LED Lighting System


Mayor Reimal Frees Over $4 million in City of Independence Budget Over 10 Years, Improves Visibility & Security with Innovative Philips LED Lighting System 

Independence Power & Light to adopt new solution to reduce energy & maintenance costs, as well as the city’s environmental footprint with elimination of over 10.3 million lbs. of CO2

Home to President Harry S. Truman, Independence, Missouri is steeped in history, and now thanks to visionary Mayor Don Reimal, its residents will see the city in a whole new light.  At the U.S. Conference of Mayors this week, Mayor Reimal announced that the city of Independence will be working with Philips, the global leader in LED lighting, on an ambitious street lighting project expected to save the city over $4 million in energy and maintenance costs over the next 10 years. The system will also prevent the release of more than 10.3 million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, or the equivalent of removing 888 cars from the road. By improving visibility and security, the program is also in keeping with the city’s goal of developing and supporting vibrant neighborhoods and a high quality of life across Independence, as well as helping to ensure the long-term financial stability of the city.  

The city of Independence embodies all things American from its soda fountains to the Swales walking trail where the ruts from covered wagons of the early western travelers are still visible. In the 1800s, Independence was a gateway to the new frontier, and now the city is honoring its heritage by pioneering LED street lighting. The city owned utility, Independence Power and Light (IPL), has calculated that moving from High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures to the new Philips LED solution will save more than 6.6 million kilowatt hours, for an annual savings of $288,000. Not only will the new lights provide uniform, quality white light, but because it requires less upkeep, the city also estimates it will save $150,000 in annual maintenance costs.  This will allow the city to use those funds for other improvement projects that will benefit its citizens. 

“As mayor, I have been committed to projects that improve the quality of life for the residents of Independence, which are environmentally and fiscally responsible, and enhance this great community,” said Mayor Reimal of Independence, MO. “With these new LED street lights, we can improve visibility, making our residents feel safer and encourage more social activity. Not only are these lights more cost-effective, using 50 percent less energy, they are more sustainable, giving us the satisfaction that we have made a positive impact on our city and left another positive legacy.” 

Philips LED lighting systems offer high quality white light, improving visibility and safety, while stimulating social and economic activity. Additionally, as lighting requirements for particular roadways evolve, the lighting system can be expanded or adjusted as necessary. Featuring best-of-breed Philips technologies such as LUXEON LEDs and Xitanium drivers, the Philips RoadView is a flexible, high performance solution. Based on the LEDgine platform, it allows for different LED configurations, enabling the systems to be tailored to a customer’s unique needs such as application and light output. This helps to ensure that light levels and light quality meet the application requirements.

Philips Lumec’s RoadView Luminaire

“Mayor Reimal has proven that the adoption of innovative technologies such as our LED street lighting systems are not just for the urban metropolis, but they can have a deep impact on any community,” said Bruno Biasiotta, CEO and president of Philips Lighting Americas.  “In addition to energy savings, innovative lighting solutions support local jobs, increase light quality and visibility, and allow residents to feel safer. The city of Independence is a shining example of how a public-private partnership and a visionary mayor willing to adopt meaningful innovation can have a long-term impact on a city.”

Philips’ outdoor lighting solutions allow cities and municipalities to further extend their technology investment and energy savings with intelligent controls. Not only do they provide a significantly longer life than the traditional technologies they are designed to replace, they offer optional dimming, programmable drivers and outdoor control systems, allowing them to automatically understand road conditions and adjust themselves accordingly.

Installation of the new system has already begun and is expected to be completed by December 2013.

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