The New Philips Lighting Application Center: A Feast for the Eyes


Today blog post was written by Dan Blitzer, Principal – The Practical Lighting Workshop

Philips Lighting has just opened the newly renovated Philips Lighting Application Center in Somerset, NJ. Philips CEO Frans van Houten and Bruno Biaziotta, President and CEO of Philips Lighting North America, were on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony and given a tour by Ted Simpson, Marketing Head of Philips Lighting NA.

The freshly conceived space covers 10,000 square feet of lighting demonstrations. This new area more than doubles the training and experience space completed in 2010.  A dozen separated vignettes present various hospitality, retail, and working environments.  Altogether, they are illuminated by 500 channels of dimmer-controlled lighting, connected by more than five miles of electrical cable.

Experience lighting for relaxing, shopping, grooming, working, conversation, education, even just walking and looking around.

The lighting itself is dynamic: walls change color, simulate environmental elements, reveal texture; and change aspect. You can enjoy the warmth of a fire-flickering red-amber LED wash, the simulated cool of gently falling blue-green rain, crisp white accents, the dynamic ambience of a sculptural dramatic OLED chandelier, interactive mirror, and soft-resolution graphics.

Alternative lighting systems enable you to compare different lighting effects and technologies. Assess simple white and dynamic white and RGB LED systems, programmed and live-activation OLED installations. Judge how well changing the color and intensity of lighting might affect educational outcomes.

A visit to the space engages participants through comparisons alternative lighting designs and technologies. Encounter lighting systems with a hands-on intimacy. See the visual impact. Measure light and power. Calculate the environmental and financial costs.

The Philips Lighting Application Center serves commercial, industrial, and institutional lighting users, their lighting and energy suppliers, and the design community.  To arrange a visit or find additional information, contact your Philips Lighting representative or connect with us at the Lighting Application Centre .

Lighting is a visual experience, one that needs to be embraced in full scale, in all dimensions, and in person.

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