Philips Par LED Retail Optic Lamp Family

Philips PAR LED

Philips Lumec was so impressed with the homogeneity of the look and the sleek, lightweight design for the new Par LED Retail Optic lamp family that we wanted to share the news regarding these new LED lighting products on our blog eventhough this new family of LED products is not for outdoor use.


Today Philips  introduces the new PAR LED Retail Optic lamp family which is designed with Philips exclusive AirFlux technology to improve the shopping experience with visual comfort, aesthetics and optimal thermal efficiency.

The new PAR LED Retail Optic Lamp family by Philips is a single source optic specifically design for the Retail & Hospitality Specialty Segments where visual comfort and impact is important. The high efficacy LED reflector lamps are available in PAR30S, PAR30L, and PAR38 consisting of 15, 25 and 36 degree options in 900 and 1200 lumen outputs to provide store merchandisers, restaurants, hotel owners and lighting designers a clean look that blend seamlessly into the ceiling while focusing light where it is needed. The PAR LED Retail Optic is designed with Philips exclusive AirFlux technology, an airflow cooling system that eliminates the traditional distracting heat sink fins needed for thermal management of LED lamps. The energy efficient family saves facility and operations managers up to 75% in energy and reduces maintenance frequency compared to traditional sources.


  • Visual Comfort. Single source optic reduces glare distraction.
  • Beautifully smooth, finished lens blends seamlessly into surroundings & contemporary fixture design allowing merchandise to be the focal point
  • Makes your goods visible & more appealing with high quality lighting
  • The Retail LED optic is designed to maximize the beam “punch”, resulting in a 20-25% more center beam candlepower
  • Smooth transitioning, dimmable LED reflector lamps for flexible illumination.
    PAR38 and PAR30L only.
  • Up to 45% additional lm/W savings compared to a multiple optic platform
  • Virtually UV/IR free in the beam. Reduces color fading, avoids inventory spoilage
  • Energy Star ® Qualification scheduled for May/June, 2013

PAR LED Retail Optic Lamp Family Overview:

  • Three shapes, three sizes
  • Available in 25 and 36 degrees for all models
  • Available in 15 degrees (PAR38 model only)
  • Available in 2700, 3000 and 4000K color temperatures for all models
  • 83 CRI for excellent color rendering
  • 5-year warranty


PAR30S. Non-Dimmable. Ideal lamp for Accent applications.
PAR38. Dimmable. Ideal lamp for Accent or Downlight applications.
PAR30L. Dimmable. Ideal lamp for Accent or Downlight applications.

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