Philips Expands LED Portfolio

Philips Expands

High Performance LED Indoor Lighting – Sync and Verge

Sync and Verge are now available in LED! Both product families create an ideal balance of ambient and task-focused lighting, with efficacies as high as 106 lm/W. They are offered with a variety of options: multiple color temperatures, lumen packages, wall mount versions, and endcap options.

Elegant from any angle, Verge delivers exceptional direct/indirect lighting performance in a sleek geometric design. Offering luminous aesthetics with exceptional glare control in both LED and fluorescent, Verge is the ideal choice for a wide range of energy-conscious applications.

With its ultra-slim design, Sync is the epitome of compact style – offering all the benefits of visually-comfortable direct/indirect lighting without a louver. Sync creates bright and natural-feeling spaces – without compromising on a clean and understated form.

Thank you to Sabrina Santoro for today’s blog post.

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