Game Changers

Game Changer

A few weeks ago Philips came out with two products that were designed to work with the iPhone. Both of them are improving on what existed and changing the game. They are the Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor and the Philips hue “the world’s smartest” LED lightbulb.

When the iPhone came out it took what already existed and changed it, made it theirs and at the same time changed the game. They followed with the iPad which is also a game changer.

The Philips In.Sight and the Philips hue uses the strengths of these products as well as strengths of their own products to come up with its own game changer. 

The Philips In.Sight is a personal alarm and wireles monitoring system for your home where you install some cameras with motion detectors in your house. When a motion trips the detector the video from the cameras can be seen on your phone. It allows you to see what is going on in your house when you are away from home.

The Philips hue is a combination of the Philips LivingColors product, a “ball” that lights up with LEDs, in any color you choose, and the Philips LED Light bulbs and the system is controlled by the iPhone or iPad. I don’t have one yet, because everytime I have gone to the Apple Store, they were sold out. I can’t wait to one day have one.

Philips hue is a game changer because of its simplicity and its many possibilities.

A room can be transformed from work space to lounge in the blink of an eye simply by a touch on your phone.

Changing your light bulbs for Christmas will no longer be required, touch your phone and it’s Christmas anytime. I have already thought of putting one red and one green for exterior lights.

One of my classes in Industrial Design was Shapes and Colors. We learned the difference between different colors, how they affected the perception of the colors next to them, for example we learned that hospitals would have that weird light green color because blood does not look red on it. Philips hue would be able to have an effect in that case and change the moods or ambiances in hospitals depending on what is happening in the different rooms.

Another use, could be the teaching of colors. Instantly, in class, you would be able to see the influence of different colors on each other.

I can even think of ideas for future products like smaller versions for Christmas tree lights. What other uses do you see and what could we, in outdoor lighting, use hue for?

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