Nature-Action Quebec, an Organization for our Future

Nature-Action Quebec

It’s hard not to worry when we pay attention to what’s happening throughout our beautiful planet. Worldwide climate change, over-exploitation of our natural resources, ongoing pollution of our water, our air, our soil… these are all warning signs to remind us that nothing lasts forever. Even though every citizen wishes to do his fair share to protect the environment, one cannot help but feel powerless to tackle such a monumental task.

For this reason, Nature-Action Quebec, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment, to promoting sustainable development and to maintaining ecosystems’ diversity, comes to the citizens’ rescue like a modern-era Messiah. Founded in 1986, Nature-Action Quebec works to protect the environment in agricultural and forestry development projects. It also participates in the sound management of the Saint-Laurent River and the development of various projects in the urban, transport, industrial and energy sectors. This organization carries out many efforts behind the scenes, to ensure ongoing progress and increase public awareness towards the environment.  

A good example of these achievements is undoubtedly the development of the Eco-community program in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, in Montreal. This program provides various projects with direct benefits for the citizens. Developed towards urban greening and responsible waste management, the program aims to increase community ownership through various urban ecology initiatives. As one of these initiatives, six new green courts or alleyways were unveiled in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough this year. Combining pleasure and function, these courts or alleyways include children’s playgrounds and common green areas – a crucial ally in the fight against urban thermal islands. These beautiful green courts address serious environmental issues with simple, realistic solutions.    

Another project lead by Nature-Action Quebec has been the acquisition of 86.4 hectares of natural land in the heart of the Du Tremblay woods in Boucherville, Quebec, in collaboration with the City of Boucherville. By owning this land, Nature-Action Quebec ensures endless protection of essential habitats and the preservation of an exceptional biodiversity. To reach this objective, the organization has already developed a comprehensive plan for the territory’s management, preservation and promotion.  

Needless to say, Nature-Action Quebec has been working tirelessly since its earliest initiatives. In addition to these two most recent projects, the organization initiates and takes part in various projects across the province of Quebec.  Keep looking for the newest initiatives of this great organization, which strives to create a better world for our children and our grand-children, and inspire us to take concrete action in our own lives.

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