Winners of the 2012 CLU Foundation Awards

foundation awards

The CLU Foundation has unveiled the four winners of its International Design contest, held this year under the following theme: Lightitude – Lighting Urban Areas above the Polar Circle during the 2012 Facteur D event, organized by Mission Design. Mr. Sergio Ramos, Spain, has won the first prize of $2,500 for this project Color Cloud; the second prize of $1,500 was awarded to Mr. Ivan Rodriguez, France, for Oasis lumineuse; and lastly, the third prize, of $1,000 was awarded ex æquo to Mr.Balazs Szilagyi, Hungary, for Sphère and Mr. Robert Trempe, United States, for Arctic Blossom

“We have been delighted again this year by the diversity and overall quality of contest entries. The Foundation is proud to have this opportunity to encourage the new generation and attract the interest of design professionals and students alike, towards all lighting-related disciplines”, explains Mr. Mathieu Casavant,  landscape architect for NIP paysage and President of the CLU Foundation.

Over 100 Polar Lighting Proposals

Contest participants had to design lighting concepts for regions near the Polar Circle, which are subject to atypical sunshine periods – either very long or very short. The Foundation has received 117 projects from 38 countries, from which 22 finalists were chosen and submitted to the jury on September 18th, 2012.  This year’s jury was made from lighting specialists and people with special Polar Region expertise, either because they have made Polar Regions their home or their study.  All chosen projects provided an incredible array of lighting solutions specially designed for various parts of the world, from Russia to Scandinavia, as well as the Canadian Great North. From these 22 proposals, four have been chosen as winners, following a heated debate within our jury.

First Prize – Color Cloud, emotional system for public spaces

Our jury has awarded the first prize to Mr. Sergio Ramos, for the originality and festivity of his proposal. Mr. Ramos’ light installation takes place in Mùrmansk, Russia and consists of a modular structure with propellers and lights. Activated by the wind, propellers generate the electric energy powering lights.  The whole installation has the shape of a luminous cloud that changes colour according to the temperature. This installation invites communities to gather and celebrate all night, while enjoying the benefits of luminotherapy.  

Second Prize – L’oasis lumineuse

Our jury has been charmed by the therapeutic benefits of Ivan Rodriguez’ project. Lighting panels projecting a blue light are installed around a gathering area. The light oasis created allows remote area inhabitants to get together and enjoy rare lighting benefits.  

Third prize, ex æquoSphère & Artic Blossom

The jury has awarded the third prize ex æquo to Mr. Balazs Szilagyi and Mr. Roger Trempe for the poetic aspect of their proposal. They have chosen to light the Nordic landscape with luminous spheres and trees, respectively.  


About the CLU Foundation

Members of the CLU Foundation share a vision for the future: to open the CLU Foundation to the world and to encourage the industry’s next generation to question issues that require more than developing a product as a solution; we encourage the development of global solutions that link humans to their environment, thanks to light.

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