Lighting Professionals: Let Your Voices Be Heard!


As a marketing professional, I can tell you that each of my clients, which are in fact you, dear readers, are at the heart of my main professional concerns. What do you think of the LED lights? How can I best reach you? Is it through social networks or specialized publications? Or is it through regular newsletters? Do you consider yourselves well-informed about new technologies in lighting? Does our product development meet your needs adequately? Yes, I know I am asking a lot of questions, but the answers to these questions, that only you can provide, will without a doubt help me improve my work on a daily basis.

I have another question for you, just as important: Do you feel that you are being heard? Asked differently: Do you feel that you are understood by outdoor lighting manufacturers?

I will now ask you specific questions depending on your line of expertise. Again, do keep in mind that the answers to these questions will help me look at my work and find new ways of serving you better.

You, landscape architects: Do you feel that the manufacturers offer you outdoor lighting products with distinctive style and character?

You, city managers: Are you satisfied with the sustainability and profitability of outdoor lighting products available to you? Are you able to find lighting products that specifically meet all you needs?

You, engineers: do the luminaires meet your performance and photometry criteria?

And what about you, lighting designers: you are looking to create atmosphere and lighting effects. Do you feel that you are well served with the products we, outdoor lighting manufacturers, offer you?

Recently, a house survey showed that eight out of ten landscape architects consider outdoor lighting as an important or very important asset in the success of a project. This opinion is also shared by the city managers: they find that light does play a key role as far as the identity of their city is concerned. Light and the quality of the luminaires are in large part what gives a park, a street or any public place their distinctive character and ambience.

Here at Philips Lumec, know that all of you are at the center of our reflections when it comes time to develop new solutions for outdoor lighting. The Philips Lumec brand is synonymous with innovation, design solutions and high-end products. Thus, it goes without saying that these elements must be shared by our customers! In that regard, we regularly organize focus groups, individual meetings and surveys. We also read what you have to say on different blogs, discussion panels, because our goal is to better understand you in order to serve you better.

Here are a few more questions for you: As professionals, do you regularly participate in activities that aim at finding out your opinion on future lighting concepts? In general, are you opened to this type of activity? Do know that we have regular events during which we organize creative workshops, discussion sessions or simply ask for your professional opinion. If you are interested in joining us for such events, you are more than welcome! Do not hesitate to contact me and I will gladly add you to our guest list.

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