What Is Industrial Design?


When I tell people that I am an industrial designer, I often get the question of what is that. Granted it is a relatively young discipline, but it is also one that is on the rise.

Since Steve Jobs brought Apple to the top of the world, companies are looking more at industrial designers. Ironically, the visionary is not an industrial designer by training but really showed the world what the discipline can bring to it.

The easiest definition of industrial design is that we take an idea and develop it for the industrial world, develop it for production to the target market, whether it be small or for the masses. There are many aspects to industrial design. These aspects cover the whole process, from idea to development, to the launch of the product.

The industrial designer works with every department from start to finish, whether it be a physical product or a service. They will take the market research and design the product to meet the findings esthetically and functionally for the end-user. The end-user is the person that will be experiencing the use or consequences of the product and sometimes there may be more than one. They need to all be taken into consideration. This is where ergonomics are very important. The industrial designer must make sure that the interactions with people are simple and use our human qualities in the best possible way.

Industrial designers are curious by nature and this helps to do what we do, by staying on top of new technologies, material and processes and incorporating them in the products or production thereof  to increase quality, usability and lower costs. This aspect also implies and brings about the environmental question. Every new product or service is designed to answer a need and make some aspect of our lives better. We have a social responsibility to consider the environment in our designs and make sure the negative impact is kept at its minimum.

The most important aspect is the target market, as it defines the price, esthetics and functions. The product is designed to meet all the specified criteria as well as meeting the target cost. At the end of it all, the design is validated by the sales team with feedback from the clients, end-users and, obviously, sales.

Our company has quite a few industrial designers, in various departments. It allows us to excel at custom products, as talked about in our last blog, and designing new products that will have an exceptional quality and delight you, the end-users, by the functional lighting, decorative lighting and beautiful products.

We translate your needs, your ideas and our ideas into products that are of the best possible quality, functionality and style.

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