Philips Lumec to shine again at LIGHTFAIR


It is no secret: in any industry, one of the best ways to reach your specific audience is to be seen and to make sure to participate at professional events the industry in question puts together. Hence, it is no surprise that Philips Lumec will be present at Lightfair International. Such a trade show gives you the opportunity to meet in person potential clients and also to strenghthen relationships with existing ones. You most probably know by now that it is North America’s premiere annual lighting industry event.

This important trade show will feature architectural and commercial lighting products and services. Showcasing the concept of light in all its aspects, Lightfair International offers a complete and diverse range of applications, high-end design and modern cutting edge technology. Without a doubt: a happening not to be missed!

Please note that this major trade fair will be held this year in Philadelphia from May 17th to the 19th. Philips Lumec has made sure to be present at that major event for the past several years. So this year again, our company will have a booth and will be showcasing three of our most revolutionary products: the Capella now available with LifeLED, the Domus bollard also now available in LED and the Domus LEDgine.

Make sure to come and see us at booth 1518 – which promises to surprise you by its modern design – to find out more about Philips Lumec and also about our cutting edge products.

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