Being Green. For Real! Part 2.2: The community


We continue our series on sustainable development, this time by looking at how initiatives such as ours, as far as the protection of the environment is concerned, can have a real impact on the community we serve.

In part 2.1, we explained some of our actions, such as our Green Committee or our Level 3 certification by Recyc-Québec. Our initiatives over the years such as these have had a positive impact in sustainable development. They even have been recognized and rewarded at the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Thérèse-de-Blainville’s Gala hommage à la réussite, event held last June.

Apart from that honour, we have had the privilege to work in conjunction with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in order to develop a children’s book that helps the next generation better understand the importance of preserving the night sky. Let us remind you that in 1991, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada established its Light Pollution Abatement Committee. The mission of such a Committee is to support measures that reduce light pollution by working for social and legislative changes that will ensure better and more responsible lighting practices in Canada. Know also that this committee advises governments, on both the federal and provincial level, so that when the time comes to replace older luminaires with lighting solutions that are full cut-off optics.

Here at Philips Lumec, we also make it our mission to encourage the next generation of professionals in the field of lighting solutions. With our CLU Foundation, through which we award grants to innovative projects in outdoor lighting solutions, it is also our way of creating awareness and to make people truly understand how outdoor lighting affects our lives and simply cannot be taken for granted.

And there is no better way to create awareness in the community than through education. We, at Philips Lumec, also make it our mission to contribute to the education: we produce an informative newsletter called The Focal Point designed specifically to address the issues faced by those who work in the outdoor lighting industry. Know that The Focal Point is free and distributed three times per year. Our newsletter, apart from encouraging participation, also attempts to create a sense of community with those who work with outdoor lighting.

Apart from our newsletter, many of our employees are more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise by speaking at conferences, giving seminars, and publishing articles in various trade magazines and professional publications. It is through collective knowledge that we can ensure the evolution of our industry and of products specifically designed to protect the environment.

We are also proud to work with both HEC Montréal and Université Laval. These universities are currently studying the success, implications, efficiency, and repercussions of implementing sustainable practices and the impact such initiatives can have not only on the environment, but also on the businesses who choose to take the green path.

We strongly believe that it is through such involvement in the community that we can improve our lives and those of other, with projects that truly take sustainable development to heart.

In the next and last part of this series on sustainable development, we will examine Philips Lumec’s contribution to the industry.

To read part 1 of this series on sustainable development, please click on the following link: http:/index.php/2010/11/10/being-green-for-real-part-i-the-planning/

You will find part 2.1 of this series on the following link:

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