10 Most Original Luminaires

10 Most Original Luminaires

Some luminaires go beyond their role of producing light. Here are ten very interesting designs that are made to blend into their environment, or to radically beautify it. This list is by no means exhaustive and the luminaires are presented in no particular order.


Grass LEDGrass LED
by Christian Christensen and Philips

“Inspired by a simple blade of grass, this lighting concept focuses on our fragile environment and the need for high-quality, durable solutions. A single blade of grass has a unique construction which gives it a light, thin, simple shape that is, nonetheless, surprisingly strong.”

Learn more about this concept (PDF – See page 49)


Knight LuminaireKnight
by Forms+Surfaces

“Knight Pedestrian Lighting combines rugged, rustproof construction with a unique geometric design. Available with a range of HID lamping options, fixtures consist of a robust square column with the light source positioned above a beautifully detailed quadrant casting.”

Learn more about the Knight


Oval LuminaireOval
by Philips Lumec

Designed with architects and for architects, the award-winning Oval series offered them a refined and compact luminaire, along with matching bollards and wall sconces. “Pure, sleek lines give the Oval its individuality. The asymmetrical shape of the Oval Series represents a new era in architectural design.”

Learn more about the Oval



Hi-Glo LuminaireHi-Glo
by BMW Group DesignWorksUSA and Landscape Forms

“This pedestrian light offers an elevated design vocabulary. LED cartridge technology delivers energy efficiency, high performance, longevity and economy. Innovations in light color and reduced light pollution support the circadian cycle and human health.”

Learn more about the Hi-Glo


Leonis LuminaireLeonis
by Philips Lumec

“Leonis is the culmination of years of effort from design professionals dedicated to improving the outdoor lighting environment so that the future will not only be ecologically sound but also aesthetically pleasing.”

Learn more about the Leonis



Bilbao LuminairesBilbao Custom Luminaires
by JAAM Architecture and Philips

“Integrating and modernising Plaza de Indautxu, one of Bilbao’s best-known squares, was a tremendous challenge. A harmonious combination of paving, trees, greenery and lighting columns now blends in perfectly with the surrounding buildings, bringing the square to life.”

Learn more about this project

UrbanLine LuminaireUrbanLine
by Philips

“UrbanLine is LED luminaire that delivers light in a sustainable and energy efficient manner, while still fulfilling all the requirements in terms of safety and city identification. Its contemporary design, which reflects the lighting function, provides urban planners with an interesting solution for street applications.”

Lear more about the UrbanLine


Place des Arts Custom Luminaires
by Michel Dallaire and Philips Lumec

“The main objective of this project was to design a complete family of urban furniture that clearly identify, distinguish and valorize the Quartier international de Montréal.”

Learn more about this project on Michel Dallaire’s website


Francesca LuminaireFrancesca
by Pininfarina and Schreder

“Pininfarina’s designers have created an urban object that perfectly combines lighting and harmony of forms, as well as function and emotion. No superfluous elements, no overly superficial adornments, nothing but a curve, a simple line that expresses the power of pure creation.”

Learn more about the Francesca


Light Blossom Concept
by Philips

It would have been hard to ignore this amazing concept. Called “Sustainable City Light”, this intelligent and futuristic luminaire collects energy from the wind and the sun to provide environmentally-friendly lighting at night, automatically adjusting to the presence (or absence) of people.

Learn more about this concept and watch this video!


Are there other luminaires that you like? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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