5 Things Municipalities Should Know About LED Lighting

5 Things Municipalities Should Know About LEDs

Because it is a new technology, municipalities are sometimes reluctant to adopt it and they forego the many benefits LEDs offer. Here are five things we’d like to remind you of.

1. LEDs consume less energy for the same lumen output
It is a proven and tested fact. LED luminaires will run at a lower system wattage than a comparable HID fixture, but with an equal or higher light output. Furthermore, the light is precisely oriented and little or none is wasted. You save so much energy that the switch will pay for itself.

2. LEDs offer better uniformity and light quality
The uniform white light of LED luminaires enhances color rendition and facilitates facial recognition. This means the public spaces are much more inviting and comfortable for everyone.

3. LED luminaires require much less maintenance
With systems such as our LifeLED™ made to last over 70,000 hours, there’s no more frequent re-lamping and high maintenance costs. Our LED technology is reliable and dependable, and our luminaires are designed to dissipate heat and to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Once installed, it will be years before they need any servicing.

4. LED can stimulate the economy of your city
Investors and citizens are getting more and more sensible to environmental issues. When the streets are safe, when the storefronts are well-lit, and when a city uses technologies that project a green and responsible image, people will pour in.

5. LED luminaires are available in a wide variety of design
We went way beyond the purely functional luminaires and created an impressive range of different styles. Our LifeLED™ engine can be integrated into many of our fixtures, from the more traditional to the more futuristic. No matter what ambiance you wish to create, it can be done with LEDs.

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