LED: Simulation vs. Real-Life Impressions

Real-Life Impressions of LED Lighting

While the benefits of LEDs are widely acknowledged, the deployment and multiplication of LED installations have brought new concerns to the table. It appears that LED can perform incredibly well in computer simulation and laboratory tests, but can be perceived in a different manner by the human eye in actual applications (this is the luminance vs. illuminance issue, which we will address in future blog posts).

And this human aspect has never before been so present in the world of lighting. Until now, lighting was pretty much limited to numbers and data. But more and more, the choice of new luminaires is made not only by Engineers, Lighting Designers, and Landscape Architects, but also by citizens, mayors, and other non-technical people.

As a luminaire manufacturer, we find it very challenging and exciting to have such people voice their opinion on lighting projects. This “untrained eye” brings a new dimension to the design of lighting technologies and helps us orient our R&D towards making life – and not only our products – better. Feeling and ambiance are now, thankfully, part of the equation!

For example, we have worked hard to make our LifeLED™ engine shed an almost perfectly uniform light in computer simulation. But during test trials, while we were experimenting with our first samples, we realized that perfection has a different meaning for a computer than for a human, and we went back to the lab to blend perfect photometry with appealing visuals.

As a result, in one city where we installed LifeLED™-equipped luminaires, some citizens contacted the mayor to tell how much they liked the new lighting! So here we are, asking you: what do you favor when working with LEDs?

As an Engineer, how to you see non-technical people being involved in the choice of luminaires?

As a Landscape Architect or Lighting Designer, do photometric data play a crucial role in your choice?

As a Municipal worker or Officer, have you ever received complaints or good comments about a new LED installation?

What do people like or dislike about LEDs in public spaces?

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