Green Certifications: Do You Care?


We hear a lot about the green certifications. There are so many logos and seals appearing on catalogs, boxes, websites, even on the products themselves… But what do they mean? And what do they represent to you?

While most people are familiar with the recycled, recyclable, and Energy Star logos, the ones that are used within a specific industry may not be as obvious to understand. You might be interested in taking a look at the latest issue of our newsletter, in which we explain some important environmental certifications.

Usually, obtaining such a certification requires going through processes or tests regulated by an independent third party and should therefore figure as credible indicators of a company’s efforts toward sustainability.

Manufacturers spend a lot of time, efforts, and funds into obtaining these recognitions, so they may very well be left wondering if that will drive sales at all. Because, in the end, sustainability is about respecting the environment, but also about properly managing a company to guarantee it will be there for long.

As a landscape architect, when you decide what to integrate to your projects, are you influenced by the certifications of a company or product?

As an engineer or municipal manager, do you stick to specs and cost, or do the certifications weigh in the balance as well?

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