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We’re glad to have our blog online! We see this as a great opportunity to share our knowledge with you and, most importantly, to learn from you!

Philips Lumec is a manufacturer of high-end and environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting fixtures – which we call luminaires. Since our foundation in 1972, we have spent much time and resources in R&D, we have been the first manufacturer to embrace the principles of the International Dark-Sky Association, and we have been actively involved in sustainable development.

We invite you to take a look at the profile of our bloggers and see who you can speak with by participating in our discussions! Many people who work here are engineers, architects, landscape architects, industrial designers, experts in photometry, etc. – and all are passionate about lighting and the role it plays in our world.

We launched this blog to share our combined knowledge, know-how, and expertise in the field. We have faced many challenges over the years and have come up with clever solutions. The purpose of this blog is to discuss the technological challenges, the environmental considerations, and other facets of outdoor lighting with our clients and other people involved in the industry.

And, above all, we also want to interact and get feedback from you. We want to discuss and share opinions and ideas. So you are encouraged to leave your comments on our blog, to contact us by email, to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and to visit our website.

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