Easily Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting With LED Bulbs

| By Lauren B. Stevens

Whether you’re trying to enhance the whole look and feel of your kitchen, lighting can make a world of difference. Consider adding LED lighting to brighten the room and bring energy and cost savings to your home.

Make the LED Upgrade

The switch to LED lights is both a practical and a sound investment when updating your kitchen lighting. LED bulbs last longer than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, averaging a lifespan that’s 15 percent longer than standard incandescent light bulbs. Perhaps the biggest selling point of LED light bulbs is energy saving, as they use up to 90 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Provide Wall-to-wall Coverage

Outfitted with LED bulbs, pendant lighting can evenly distribute light, providing wall-to-wall coverage and brightening your kitchen. Strategically placing the lighting across your kitchen can light up any dark corners or areas you may have. If possible, consider adding overhead LED lights to experience almost immediate energy and cost savings.

Install Task Lighting

Task lighting can provide greater brightness for work areas around the kitchen due to its targeted lighting. Install under-the-cabinet lighting to focus on food prep areas, ensuring your steak is seasoned evenly before you throw it on the grill. An LED spotlight can also provide targeted kitchen lighting, adding to existing ambient light and brightening over the sink or above an island counter.

Get Colorful With LED

Rather than paint your kitchen, use LED bulbs to freshen up your space and bring its colors to life with clean, beautiful light. LED bulbs give you access to the benefits of energy- and cost-savings without sacrificing quality light, including daylight tones and a warm glow effect that’s dimmable for fully functional lighting. You can give your room a natural shine at any hour of the day to easily complete tasks on your to-do list.

Adding LED bulbs to your kitchen is an easy way to upgrade your space and add value to your home. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference lighting can make.

Lauren B. Stevens is a Baltimore-based writer, and member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), specializing in digital technology, sustainability, how-to guides, mobile applications, children and the Internet. She possesses an extensive background in blog content management and uses her writing and editing skills to help businesses reach their target audience through conversational, compelling, on-topic blog posts and web articles. In her free time, Lauren dabbles in creative nonfiction and many of her essays are published both online and in print (most recently, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Military Families). Lauren's written about everything from cat dander (yes, cat dander) to encouraging small business development in up-and-coming urban areas. Inquisitive in nature, Lauren loves expanding the breadth of her topic areas and is always up for a new writing challenge.

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